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Adventure Activities in Khajjiar

Horse Riding in Khajjiar

Explore Horse Riding

The scenic beauty of Khajjiar is much more noticeable when you take a ride through the lush green meadows on a horseback. This experience will be a memorable and a pleasing one as the noiseless surroundings of Khajjiar are very much popular among travelers. The ride will not cost more than INR 200 which is a reasonable price for a remarkable experience. The horses and ponies are well-trained and their caretakers make sure of the safety.

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Himachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh Treking
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Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh

Go Paragliding

A flight for more than an hour in midair which allows you to observe beautiful sunrise in the clear sky is everything paragliding is all about. It is the most sought after adventure activity in Khajjiar that allows you to fly in the sky like a bird and float in the midst of the clouds. It’s a dream come true for most of the travel enthusiasts who seek for freedom in life. The breeze of fresh air flowing with you will rejuvenate your soul and pacifies your mind.

Adventure Sports- Zorbing in Khajjiar

Ball-Roll Zorbing

Enjoy an easy adventure sports- Zorbing in Khajjiar! Enter in a huge plastic bubble known as zorb, be comfortable and then get rolled down a gradient of about 100 meters. It safe as it seems and involves an entry ticket of INR 300.

Adventure Sports, Zorbing in Khajjiar
Adventure Sports, Zorbing in Khajjiar
Challenging Trek
Challenging Trek
Adventurous Trek In Himachal Pradesh

Challenging Trek

A challenging trek of 14km that allows you to witness a breath-taking view of beautiful lands of Deodar and Pine trees intermingled with streams. Make sure you take an expert with you at the trek to reduce the complexity.

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